Do you find value in networking?

May 23, 2018

Do you find value in networking? Today's podcast with John, Kelly & Brianna focuses on the importance of networking online and offline! 


- Why you should network

- How networking can be used on social media 

- How to leverage your attendance at networking events 


If you're looking for a networking event, stop by the Seriously Creative office on Tuesday, May 29th for Coffee Talk put on by the Westshore Chamber of Commerce. Follow event link for details:


Cambridge Analytical Scandal - what does this mean for your online business marketing?

March 27, 2018



- the Cambridge Analytical Scandal / Facebook Data breach

            - what does it mean for your business site?

            - what are the strategies to protect your content and data?

            - we discuss the impact on other Social Media platforms 

- Trolling - how does a business/politician respond?

            - should one block trolls?

            - we review strategies and a live case study  


Using Facebook for Business - New Algorithms

March 13, 2018

Today's podcast with Brianna, Kelly (Seriously Creative) & John discusses adopting Facebook to your business…within the new algorithms that have recently been implemented. 

  • what does this mean for business clients?
  • do people actually use Facebook still?
  • what do these algorithm changes for Facebook mean for your Social Media marketing strategies?
    • how do you manage your advertisements in Facebook?
  • what is today's preferred Social Media business platform? The team discusses how to implement Instagram strategies for your business…

Social Media for Business - Introductory Podcast

November 30, 2017



Welcome to our first podcast of "Seriously Social", the Social Media Department voice of Seriously Creative! We intend to dig deep into the issues, products and implementation related stuff that Small Business employers encounter when intending to take advantage of Social Media marketing for their business. In this episode, we:

  • introduce our team of Briana & Kelly...including our guest podcaster John Juricic
  • talk about how a small business could get started using Social Media
  • talk thru some of the myths & confusion business owners have regarding Social Media Marketing
  • generally we make most of the mistakes that a new podcast would
    • John laughing to loud into the Mic...
    • John needing to set the Mic setting differently next time so that we're all heard equally...
    • John moving the Mic too much...

So other than that, enjoy our first of many podcasts dealing directly with Social Media Marketing implementation for Small Business.